Francesco Marconi works at the Associated Press in New York City, where he heads strategy and partnerships. Also a Tow Fellow at Columbia University, Marconi explores how journalists and storytellers can adopt tomorrow's technologies to tell powerful stories today. Last year, he won AP's Gramling Award for his work in newsroom innovation. His ideas have  been featured on Inc. Magazine, Huffington Post, PBS Media Shift, Quartz, MIT Media Lab and a number of leading publications.A media innovator and experienced media strategist, Marconi has advised several new media and technology companies.

Raised in Portugal and Italy and influenced by American TV , Marconi decided to move to the U.S. by himself at age 22. He took an unpaid internship at the United Nations researching innovation in developing countries. His work there led to a TEDx talk on innovation, the publishing of his first book, and a scholarship to the Missouri School of Journalism. Later, he completed his post-graduate work at Columbia Business School and Harvard University.